Cuentos de Ciudad Esmeralda (Mensajeros de Oz nº 1)

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Everyone loves words, whether they know it or not. Even the least educated, literate or not, take pleasure in wordplay, creating and repeating slang, slogans, puns, doggerel rhymes, sarcastic quips, nicknames; man is the talking animal par excellence. Most of us do this as second nature, oblivious of the long, weird, colourful history of English, once an obscure tongue evolving in a remote and primitive island but now virtually a global lingua franca — what linguists call a vehicular language.

Many more, though, have been fused invisibly from languages as diverse as Persian, Hindi and Inuit into a colossal and always growing vocabulary. But the sheer volume of the reading necessary for the full story, not to mention the expense of all those books, is daunting. He has done this without being dull, stuffy or terribly technical, in a relaxed, conversational style that still manages to convey the complexity and the sheer weirdness of English and its origins.

The History of English podcast website shows that he has a lively community of fans. You can subscribe to the podcast from the site or via iTunes. Some time ago Knocklofty reviewed The Woman on the Mountain by Sharyn Munro, a book which explained why she retreated from city life in Australia to a remote peak a long way away from the nearest town, there to become a nature writer and found a wildlife refuge.

But for the last three years, she has been often away from her mountain, initially travelling the width and depth of this huge continent by air and road, and lately finding herself still on the road in the glare of television lights and the eyes of crowds who have come to listen to her.

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This shy and introspective woman came out of her chosen seclusion because she began to see that a monster was devouring the world where her grandchildren were growing up — a monster fully endorsed by myopic governments and heads-we-win, tails-you-lose laws. The monster is the coal industry and its offspring, coal seam gas. The result of her journeying and talking to hundreds of people affected by its untrammelled advance is another book, Rich Land, Wasteland — how coal is killing Australia. The result is a harrowing read. What shocked her — and her readers — are the scale, speed and consequences of the devastation.

An early and just as appropriate working title for the book was Coal Wars, appropriate because of the ravaged, polluted land the industry leaves behind looks like the aftermath of a titanic battle. The book is thus an account of the unseen side of the Faustian bargain Australia has made with big business; but the difference in this bargain is that only a minority of Australians are forced to pay the price — their livelihoods, their health and the soul of the land they live on.

It cries out for photographs, but that would have made it too expensive for many readers. Fortunately, the internet has solved that dilemma; the book has its own website with photographic slideshows which tell the story of devastated landscapes, poisoned rivers, disappearing creeks and blighted lives in great breadth and great detail. Visit her own site where she tells not only of coal but also of the wild things with whom she shares her mountain. He once encountered a very fat man lumbering up a narrow staircase and, being in a hurry, pushed past him.

Dorothy Parker had the gift in abundance. Those who challenged Winston Churchill rarely came off best.

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  • There is some doubt as to whether it was the eighteenth-century radical John Wilkes or the English playwright Samuel Foote who routed the crusty, dissipated Lord Sandwich in this exchange:.